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Tea Tour Korea 2014: Join Us

It took 15 pickers 4 hours to pick this bamboo dew tea. Ha Gu Artisan Tea Producer

Tea Tour Korea May 9-25, 2014  Price at No-Profit
Tea Tour 2011 seemed to open the floodgates of Tea to us in Korea.  We returned to Korea August 2011 on a ceramics/tea tour and were introduced to and met new Tea people.  With two different tours in 2012 and our Tea Tour 2013. We now have contacts with many additional teaware artists, artisan tea producers and important tea masters.  They include a tea master who mentor-wise is the direct descendant of Cho-Ui.  Another Tea master has a remarkable collection of more than 20,000 ancient tea ware items and understands Chinese tea like no other person in Korea.   He was our teacher when we made tea with him on the 2013 tea tour - a remarkable experience.  Artisan tea producers are beginning to contact us.  It is wonderful how much Tea Tour Korea 2011 and 2013 have stirred Korean Tea for us. (pun intended, bad as it is).
Brother Anthony has agreed to join us again and David Mason, another authority on Korea and Korea’s tea culture may also speak to our group.   Our private group talk with the tea producer Ha Ilnam about various aspects of Korean tea was exciting, informative and insightful.  He has promised to do that again.

Kim Jong Gyun and Ha Il Nam of Dong Cheon Tea with Hong Kyeong-Hee and Brother Anthony of Taize co-authors of The Korean Way of Tea and Korean Tea Classics
Although we had wonderful tea experiences in 2011 and 2013 we have decided to expand the Tea section of the tour for 2014.  We now have so many more Tea options it is difficult to decide who we should visit.  Nor will be neglect tea ware which still lies at he heart of what we do.  That area is also expanded.
If you are a novice or a connoisseur of tea or even if you have little or no knowledge of tea, Tea Tour Korea 2014 will be an exciting introduction to both Korean Tea and Korean tea ware and a great introduction to the beautiful country of Korea for anyone even if they have never tasted Korean tea. 
We will stay longer in Hwagae Valley and meet more artisan tea producers.  But in 2014 we will also look at tea in Gimhae, Janghung, Gangjin and Haenam in addition to Jerisan (Hadong) and Boseong.

Oh Sung Teak A great teapot master from Mungyeong.
We understand, you want to know, "What are the specific dates?" and "What is the price?"  In 2014 we will travel a little later than 2013 or 2011.  Our tour begins May 9-25 with the arrival date May 8.  We begin our tour by meeting with Brother Anthony, co-author of The Korean Way of Tea the morning of May 9th.  That is followed by personal introductions to some of the finest and most interesting teaware artists and tea producers in Korea. We will go to out of the way places and behind the scenes to meet some of the best Korea has to offer.  The price will be reasonable for a very small group tour.  As an example 33% of the 2011 group and 77% of the 2013 group decided to pay the extra single room charge.  This tour is at cost and non-profit.  Morning Crane Tea will help with the tour's price making it as inexpensive as we can.  But be aware that small group tours are not cheap.  As examples the basic land price for double occupancy for Tea Tour 2011 was $3200.  Tea Tour 2013's basic land price for 8 participants was $3450 for 15 days.   Every year the price increases by between 10%-15%. This tour is slightly more if we have 8 participants as it is 17days.  Single occupancy is $500.  We are trying to get 8 - 10 participants for this tour.  The price should be compared with a 17 day tour that costs $400 - $450 per day and has 16-20 guests.  Our group will be half that size. You are of course responsible for air from your location.  Once you have committed, You will receive instructions on how to get to the hotel and much more information.
A highly respected Korean travel professor called our tours "... probably the most culturally rich tours planned for Korea."  He went on to say that anyone, even if they didn't know tea or ceramics, would enjoy our tours. 
This tour will truly be a historic journey into the heart of Korean Tea and Korean Tea Ware.  It could also be the last tea tour that we personally host.     
Additional information:
1.  The tour will be a small with only 6-10 tour members.  We want to be able to sit as a group with each tea ware artist, tea artisan, tea master or venerable tea monk so that we can truly savoir those  experiences. 
2. We had the tour set but lost two members due to a family matter. We are trying to replace them. Are you up for a great tea and teaware adventure?   I'm sorry for the short notice if you are viewing this for the first time.  We must know by the end of Feb. 2014.
3.  Spring is one of the most beautiful times to be in Korea and it truly is Tea time.
4.  Note: We will not guide a Tea Tour Korea in 2015.  That year we turn our attention to Korean ceramics.  If you are more interested in ceramics, contact us regarding the possibility of that tour.
5.  Join this blog to see if we post more as Tea Tour Korea 2014 develops or simply more on Korean tea.  Please do it now. Incidentally have you ordered your Korean tea from us yet? 
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8. Contact me now to learn more and reserve your spot on the historic Korean tea and Korean tea ware tour – Tea Tour Korea 2014.
Arthur K. J. Park
Morning Crane Tea

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  1. You mention that you won't do a 2015 tea tour. Do you plan on resuming tea tours in future years?

  2. Tea tours are our favorite tours While I did say there would not be one in 2015. There is an outside chance that I may change my mind. So I am collecting a list of those who may be interested in joining such a tour or a ceramic tour in 2015. There is no promise that either will actually materialize but the possibility remains. In addition I am considering developing a tea tour on which I don't participate. Send me a signed email to learn more or to be placed on the waiting list,